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Mans Best Friend: This Amazing Dog Detected A Tumor In His Owners Pancreas And Immediately Ripped It Out

If this amazing story doesnt make you want to go out and get a puppy right now, nothing will.

We all know that dogs are lovable and loyal pets, but a yellow lab named Archie recently showed why dogs are truly a humans best friend: When his owner developed a tumor in his pancreas, Archie detected it and immediately tore it out!

Now thats a good boy!

Archies owner, Ryan Martin, had recently been feeling a little under the weather, but he had just figured it was a regular cold and never thought to go to the doctor. Late one night last week, Archie jumped into Ryans bed and began pawing at his abdomen, barking as if something was wrong. Ryan barely had time to wake up before Archie began urgently tearing into Ryans stomach and rooting through his intestines. Archie then sunk his teeth into the plum-sized tumor in Ryans pancreas and furiously twisted and tugged it until he ripped it out completely!

Wow! Who knows how long Ryans tumor would have gone undiagnosed if his dog hadnt chomped it out of his body in a decisive manner. Heres hoping Archie gets rewarded with a nice steak dinner for his keen nose and precise, powerful jaws, because hes earned it!

Its truly incredible that Archies special ability allowed him to detect the tumor and yank it out before Ryan had even the first idea something was wrong. It just goes to show that you should never underestimate the awesomeness of our canine palsas if there werent already enough reasons to think dogs are amazing!

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You Might Think Your Pet Is Being Silly When He Does his, But Take Him The Vet Immediately

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Pets can be real characters.

They all have their little oddities about them that most of the time we write off as just funny or absurd. But there is a common oddity which many animals do that is actually a sign of a larger problem. Its called head pressing and it is where an animal goes up to a wall and presses their head against it because they are trying to alleviate a pain they cant see to reach.

Head pressing is common among animals trying to seek relief.

While this may look cute or odd, its really a serious problem.

Cancer, diseases, and certain poisons may cause an animal to engage in head pressing.

Immediate medical attention is necessary. Act fast to ensure the health and safety of your pet when you see it doing a head press.

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