How to Relieve Back Pain when Breathing

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Are you suffering with back pains when breathing?

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We area a specialist & yoga teacher working with clients ranging in ability levels, I realized that there was a huge gap separating yoga-style movement & traditional strength training. I noticed that people tend to either focus on lifting weights, or focus on flexibility through traditional yoga practice. Rarely did people incorporate both yoga and High Intensity Interval Training into a single session. If both systems are highly effective on their own, then why are these systems not integrated already?

Simply, the reason is “hardcore” trainers tend to not have a background in yoga or sequencing movement, and the yogis don’t have much knowledge in training for power. With distinctively separate camps, we have the HIIT folks getting injured due to lack of dynamic mobility and the yogis getting injured from overuse and improper alignment. As movers, we lacked the ability to seamlessly integrate flexibility, dynamic strength, and mindful movement into one session, and as a result we leaked power.
Back Pain When Breathing?==>RelieveBack Pain NOW!
I knew there had to be a way to bridge the gap between strength training and yoga. So I set out to create a system that would allow anyone to access the attributes that make up quality movement regardless of: fitness level at entry point, current flexibility, or knowledge of yoga. It wasn’t until I found myself teaching complete beginners daily, that everything fell into place. No one in the yoga world knew about Clubbells (or if they did, they lacked understanding of the tool), and the strength folks lacked experience in traditional yoga.

Back Pain When Breathing?==>Check out this video of quick yoga exercises that may help:

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