People Who Curse A Lot Are Smarter, Funnier And Healthier… So F Off

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As a kid, I was always fascinated by the mysterious F word.

Every time I asked my parents about it, they would simply tell me the F stood for fiddlesticks.

For some reason, this ridiculous answer actually put my swear word suspicions to rest.

That is, until the fateful day I happened to be in earshot when my older brother stubbed his toe and screamed out FUCK! at the top of his lungs.

In some ways, the F word was kind of like a gateway curse for me.

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After my brother tainted my pure, innocent vocabulary with this vulgar word, I instantly became hooked on dropping F bombs.

However, my swearing habits didnt stop there. I was always on a mission to find bigger and better curses to add to my ever expanding repertoire of swear words.

Since then, Ive developed a pretty colorful vocabulary that my mother likes to refer to as Trucker Mouth Syndrome.

I prefer to think Im just a classy, intelligent woman who says fuck a lot.

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