My Carpal Tunnel Master Review- Natural Treatment!

Do you need a Natural Carpal Tunnel Pain Treatment?

If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, don’t freak out. Take a deep breath because I’ve got great news for you…

Carpal Tunnel is easily cured if you know the right ways to manage it. The doctors will tell you that you need surgery to cure it, however, the cold hard truth is not only is the surgery painful, it’s VERY expensive, and in most cases unnecessary.

I like you, was considering the surgery until I stumbled upon a very thorough home treatment guidebook called “Carpal Tunnel Master ” …

I had done plenty of studies online looking for possible cures, and while a lot of them did work, the effects weren’t long lasting.

However, once I cracked open my copy of Carpal Tunnel Master, I was astonished at all the different techniques they had to remedy carpal tunnel problems. Even though I scoured the internet looking for ways to remedy it, the present guidelines had all kind of therapies that weren’t even mentioned online.

Let me tell you how much of a relief it was knowing that I no longer had to go through that painfully nasty surgery and that these new, but all natural home remedies, for carpal tunnel were my ticket out.

If you are considering surgery for your carpal tunnel, I HIGHLY recommend you first check out “Carpal Tunnel Master ” and try the techniques in there. A plenty of the results are near instant, and if the techniques don’t work for you it’s very easy to get a rebate from them.

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

Q. Is your program about self-massage?

A. In a way.  But it is very specific.  After watching the first video you should be able to tell the location(s) where muscles imbalance is causing your nerves to be pinched.  You can then focus directly on those just those specific areas using the methods I show in the videos.

Q. What do you mean by muscle imbalance?

A.  For every muscle, there is another muscle that does the opposite thing.  (example biceps and triceps). The most striking example of a person with severe muscle imbalance is a hunched over old person who has not been active.  Picture them sitting in a chair, neck forward and down, shoulders rounded forward, back hunched.

Essentially they are rolling into a ball.   They can’t straighten out because they haven’t been using the muscles that would unwind them and stretch them out.  So those muscles pulling inward get shorter and “stuck”.

That is not a matter of age.  It is a matter of not using your range of motion and losing it.

But what about you?  You are not an old inactive person.  We create muscle imbalance in ourselves because we work in front of our bodies.  We look down at our desk or workspace and the muscles in the front of our neck.  We work with our arms in front, not in the back, so the muscles that pull us frontward get shorter and it takes less effort for them to roll us inward.  The muscles that pull us backwards have to fight that.

So we get pains in the back and in the back of the neck.

Unfortunately, we almost never feel pain in the muscles causing the problem.  But when you push on them, you find that they are frequently the most painful muscles in the body to be massaged.

If they were perfectly happy muscles they would feel only the pressure, but no tenderness at all.

The muscles in the front of the body essentially bully the muscles in the back of the body.  Unless we take action to prevent that.

And some of these bully muscles can pinch on the nerves that go down the arm and into the fingers, creating FALSE Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other symptoms in the hand.


Q.. Massage?  My hands are so weak I couldn’t massage a down pillow.

A.  I hear you.  As a massage therapist, I needed to figure out a way to work on myself without using my overworked hands.  So I devised methods that either requires no use of hands or use of hands that don’t require strength.


Q..  I’ve had massages, and it hasn’t helped at all.  Why do your methods work?

A..  While massages are wonderful, most massage therapists do not work on these specific areas.  These are way beyond what I learned in massage school.

Most massage therapists are not consciously aware of these problems caused by muscle imbalance.

You could have a hundred massages and never have the problem muscles worked on.

Because the muscles causing the problems usually don’t hurt (until you push on them) they are generally ignored.

For example there is a muscle in the chest that pulls the shoulder forward.  When very tight it can pinch on the nerves going down the arm.  That is one cause of numb fingers.  These muscles most commonly cause the muscles between the shoulder blades to continually fight not to have the shoulders rounded forward, so they work hard and that is where you feel the pain.

When these chest muscles are tight and shortened, they don’t have to work at all to round your shoulders forward.  So you tell your massage therapist you hurt between the shoulder blades, but the muscles that cause the problem get ignored and they continue to get tighter.

But these muscles can cause other symptoms when tight.  They are usually tight and get shorter because most people work in front of their bodies and seldom.

I am talking about very specific areas While massages are wonderful, most massage therapists are never taught some of the amazing mischief certain tight muscles can causes.

It has been my experience that the majority of massage therapists are good for an overall relaxing massage, but are not particularly great at specific problems.

Q.  What About Stretching

A.  First of all, in general muscles like stretching and it is good for them.  And I include LOTS of them in my Bonus Content videos.

BUT.  My in experience as a massage therapist for over twenty-three years, “effective and specific” massage works far faster than stretching.

When a muscle is tight (and therefore shortened), there are muscle fibres stuck together, and/or muscle cells stuck in contraction.

Whey you stretch, you stretch the portion of the muscle that stretches easiest first.  By the time you are done with the stretch, you may not yet have gotten to the tightest part of the muscle.

Usually, it takes much more persistence through stretching to get the same results as loosening up the muscles directly.

Also by feeling the muscle, you can tell exactly where the tender spots are.  You can tell when the tenderness goes away.

Also, forcing a stretch can cause tears in muscle fibre or tendons.  So you never want to stretch beyond the edge of comfort.

Q.. You talk about “effective and specific” massage.  Is that the same as deep tissue?

A.  Some people (including some massage therapists) think that in deep tissue massage you go as hard as possible – whether or not the client is screaming for mercy.  That is not my definition.

On the other hand, a “slide and glide” massage will do nothing.  Working on the wrong place does nothing for the area that needs the work.

Therefore, the pressure needs to be one you can tolerate without tensing up.  This is often referred to as a good hurt, which is not the same as a bad hurt which can create tension and also bruise the muscle which tightens up more to resist being hurt.

Specific massage is working on those muscles that are causing your nerves to be pinched.

Q. Do You Cover Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due to Pregnancy?

A..  As you know, many women have swelling when they are pregnant because of hormones.  This can increase the pressure inside the carpal tunnel.  Once the baby is born the problem usually goes away.

My course does not address hormone fluctuations.  I have noticed that many women eat a lot of junk food when pregnant because they are “eating for two”.  Sugars and refined flour tend to increase inflammation in the body.  So it is good to eat as healthy as possible (actually everyone should).

You should also check with your doctor about how much exercise you can do, because staying active may help.

Having said that, if before you became pregnant you had borderline carpal tunnel syndrome, being with a child can give you real problems.

My program can deal with underlying problems not related to pregnancy, but not that portion caused by swelling due to hormones.

Q.  Does your program always work?

A.  Nothing always works.  Individuals have different case histories of injuries, medical conditions, occupational conditions, etc.

Surgery often fails.  Doctors often prescribe drugs that don’t work.  Physical Therapy doesn’t always work.

BUT.  I give a 60-day unconditional guarantee.  Doctors don’t, physical therapists don’t, massage therapists don’t.

Q..  What if your program works, but my symptoms come back?

A.  If you get problems again, you will know exactly what to do about them.

It is also good to do my techniques or the stretches once in a while to prevent them from coming back.  The more you do repetitive work or have to use poor postures, the more important it is to use the techniques for prevention.

Remember also, that you might start getting symptoms caused from somewhere else.  In that case, just go back to the core videos.

Q..  I had the surgery several years ago and now I have carpal tunnel syndrome again.  Can your program help?

A..  Probably.  Since you had relief for several years, you did not have a botched surgery.  The main reason you are getting CTS again is the same reasons everyone else does.

Therefore yes it can help.

But if your surgery originally created a weakness in the hand – I can’t do anything about that part.

If your surgery created much scar tissue, I can’t say if that can be overcome or not.

But for most people, it can help.  And there is a 60-day guarantee if it doesn’t.

Q.  What about diabetes or other medical conditions that cause numbness?

A.  If you read my disclaimer, you see that I do not and can not help neuropathy caused by certain conditions.

But if you have diabetes (or whatever) and carpal tunnel syndrome, this program can help that portion that is caused by muscle imbalances that cause both True and False carpal tunnel symptoms.

Remember There is a 60 Day Money Back
No Questions Guarantee

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